We Stand For Living The Dream
Believe NYC provides an experience and opportunity for performing arts students to realize their dreams are achievable.

How do we do this?

  • Providing aspiring performing artists a personalized theatre experience that allows them to visualize their future possibilities in music, theatre or dance.

  • Allowing aspiring performing artists to directly engage in dialogue with today's New York City professionals.

  • Giving aspiring performing artists the chance to learn from New York City professionals and perform on the spot for their peers and teachers.

  • Supporting continued training in the arts through the Jacque Carnahan scholarship fund.

"Dreams only come true if you pursue them. Otherwise, they are just that; dreams. It is the pursuit of dreams that turns them into realities. And only in this pursuit, will we realize moment by moment, step by step, day by day, that through our own actions we are in fact, living the dream."

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