Every Believe NYC event comes with a one hour customized workshop for your group taught by New York City professionals. Each workshop is followed by an intimate Q&A between the performers and students. Workshop choices include:

Mock Auditions
Get up and sing your audition song in the heart of New York City and be critiqued by true Broadway Professionals. Learn the skills it takes to get cast in a Broadway show.

Dance Break
Learn the dance break from a Broadway Musical number. Geared towards dancers, this workshop focuses on Broadway Choreography. Dance Break workshops can be combined with Mock Audition workshops as well.

Musical Theatre
Learn the music and choreography to a Broadway Musical number. Get a chance to perform for your peers in the heart of New York City.

Stage Combat
How did they do that and not get hurt?!? Learn how in this high energy workshop.

Whose line is it anyway?! Taught by New York City improv specialists from UCB, Sketch and more, this workshop will surely keep you on your toes.

Show Choir
Show us your stuff! Perform with your group and get critiqued by a Broadway Music director.

In The Pit
Learn what it's like to be a professional musician in New York City. Whether it's playing in a Broadway orchestra or jazz club downtown, from recording sessions to going on tour, – learn from professional musicians who are doing it now.

I'm Ready For My Close Up
Learn the fundamentals on how to apply stage make up.

Acting In The Scene
Learn the basics of making strong choices and engaging with your scene partner whether it's in a show, class, or an audition.

Band & Orchestra Workshops

Broadway Mock Orchestra
See a Broadway show and have your band or orchestra play a musical selection from the show conducted by a Broadway music director! Sheet music will be provided ahead of time.

Individual Master Class
Have a select few of your musicians play their solo and competition piece for professional New York City Musicians. We will discuss their piece and coach them to a better performance. Discussion to include phrasing, breathing, stage presence, nerves, articulation, tone and overall musicianship.

Chamber Music Master Class
Have your clarinet choir, jazz ensemble, or string quartet play their chamber piece and be coached on ensemble blend, intonation, musicality and stage presence.

Large Group Master Class
Have your entire band or orchestra play a piece and coach with a professional clinician. Each section of the ensemble will be worked with separately and together as a whole to encourage the group to listen to each other, work on dynamics, phrasing, rhythm and overall performance.

Stomp / Eurhythmics Class
Join New York City pros as they teach polyrhythms, singing and clapping, mixed meters, all through the method similar to the Broadway show Stomp. Everyone who wants gets a chance to improvise a rhythm in the center of the circle, learn Call and Response, and have a blast while singing, clapping, stomping, and moving.

Band Behind The Scenes
What happens behind the music? Learn about music arranging for movies, TV, and Broadway, marketing and sales in the music industry, running a recording studio, composition, and more!

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